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3 January 2011: Under Construction

I'm very aware that the site is an incredible mess and I'm beginnig to rebuild it even now. Hopefully some things will be working in the next couple of days, so please bear with!

4 January 2011: Old gallery files uploaded

Uploaded the old gallery images, though the SQL database will no longer work on this host. I'll have to come up with another solution in the near future.

5 January 2011: Links upated

Largely a site maintenance update, such as it is. Much of the site links and button links have been corrected and updated.

6 January 2011: Font news update

The fonts which had been hosted temporarily here have been moved to their new home at tfvanguard.deviantart.com. This includes updates of all my existing Star Trek fonts.

7 January 2011: Maintenance Update

A large amount of work has been done behind the scenes today, correcting links and clearing out a lot of SQL code that's no longer in use. More to come next week, hopefully with getting some material back up.

10 January 2011: Toolkit #7

By popular request, Toolkit #7 is up in the gallery.

11 January 2011: Toolkit #8

By popular request, Toolkit #8 is up in the gallery.

12 January 2011: Toolkit #9

By popular request, Toolkit #9 is up in the gallery.

13 January 2011: Toolkit #10

By popular request, Toolkit #10 is up in the gallery.

14 January 2011: ADB Thumbnails

I had to do these manually, but I finally got a group of thumbnails ready for the ADB part of the gallery. I'm not sure if I'm going to keep this section, but it's here as part of the old site's legacy.

17 January 2011: Federation Historical Thumbnails

Same as before. Slightly less mindnumbing, thankfully.

18 January 2011: 2245 Thumbnails

Same as before. Sadly this time it was a little more mindnumbing. Only a couple of more to do at least.

19 January 2011: Maintenance Update

Today's update is primarily some behind-the-scenes code cleaning and updating. There will be a few more days like this coming up, but hopefully I can get some new material up for display soon.

20 January 2011: 2265 Thumbnails

This is the largest of the thumbnail sets that needed redone, but at least it's out of the way. I see the light at the end of this tunnel!

21 January 2011: 2275 Thumbnails

Finally, the last of the gallery thumbnail archives have been reconstructed. I'll work on getting the display routines, and hence the site, up and running during the next few updates!

24 January 2011: Character Sprites

I've put the character sprites back up as a quick test for some of the site's code, as well as getting some display code working. I may not keep them up for long, but they're cute... This update also includes a number of behind-the-scenes code cleaning updates.

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