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January 2011 Updates

February 2011 Updates

1 February 2011: Still Under Construction

Last month saw a great deal of progress in recovering all things Jaynz, with the thumbnail galleries finally up and a lot of code and material salvaging. More will be coming this month, hopefully marking Jaynz as finally re-open to the public! Please bear with!

2 February 2011: Quick Maintenance Pass

Just some cleanup today, removing some duplicate container pods from the ADB and 2245 sections.

3 February 2011: More container pod cleaning

Today is a quick pass over the container pods in the 2275 section, reorganizing and renaming them for consistancy.

4 February 2011: Data Transcription

For eventual purposes of Jaynz, transcribed the ship data from "The Next Generation" RPG.

7 February 2011: Data Transcription II

For eventual purposes of Jaynz, transcribed the ship data from "The Price of Freedom".

8 February 2011: Daedalus Class

Daedalus class added to historical gallery.

9 February 2011: Site code cleaning

Made another pass at cleaning up the site's code today. Not exciting, I know, but it's the sort of thing that just needs to be done...

10 February 2011: Gallery Cleaning

Spent some time cleaning up the errors in the index file and code for the gallery display. Everything that's up should now display properly.

11 February 2011: Gallery Update

A minor bit of code updating, adding the ability to get each image in the gallery to full-size by clicking on it. A bit of an oversight on my part, actually.

14 February 2011: Gallery Toolkits Finally Up

Finally added the starship toolkits to the gallery, up to the current volume (#10). My apologies for the delay in getting this highly-demanded piece of Jaynz back up and running.

15 February 2011: Jovia Class

Jovia class added to historical gallery.

16 February 2011: Cygnus (SFPO) Class

Cygnus (SFPO) class added to 2275 gallery. This version makes use of Arida Sofia's ACE nacelle.

17 February 2011: Sovremenny Class

Sovremenny class added to 2275 gallery.

18 February 2011: Toolkit #3 Error Correction

The wrong stub-nacelles were on Toolkit #3. They have replaced with the ones from the "Cage" Era.

Ship Gallery Updates, Week of 21 February

21 February 2011: Slava Class added to 2275 gallery.
22 February 2011: Flor de la Mar Class added to 2275 gallery.
23 February 2011: Fletcher Class added to 2245 gallery.
24 February 2011: Soyuz class added to ADB gallery.
25 February 2011: Hoffa class added to ADB gallery.
28 February 2011: Alert class added to 2265 gallery.

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