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January 2011 Updates

February 2011 Updates

March 2011 Updates

Ship Gallery Updates, Week of 1 March

1 March 2011: Ningbo added to 2245 gallery.
2 March 2011: Chengde added to 2245 gallery.

28 March: Sub-Odeon Update

Today was more of 'related site' update than a direct one for this site. I went through links and threads on my friend Sub-odeon's site to make sure all the Jaynz information pointed to the new site rather than the old one. It was a bit more work than I originally envisioned...

20 May: Starship Registrar Update

This is an internal document meant to keep track of ship classes, registrars, and other information. It's in the files section for download. This is a "living" document and may change frequently.

23 May: Starship Registrar Update

Added a few more classes and some formatting corrections.

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